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Ukraine is the largest independent state in Western Europe
having diplomatic and internertional  relations with over 225 countries of world. It is a member of Security and Cooperation Council of Europe (OSCE), International Monetary Fund, European Union Council, North Alantic Cooperation Council, Distinctive strategic partnership with the UN, USA, EU and  NATO. Ukraine, the largest state situated entirely in Europe, appeared on the map of the world in 1991.

It was once the former USSR.The rich dark soil and the vast fields of wheat and other food products have earned Ukraine the nickname “bread basket of Europe.”Ukraine produced 25% of all agricultural output in the former Soviet Union. Today, Ukraine exports substantial amounts of grain, vegetables, sugar beets, sunflower seeds, milk and meat.Exports (including non-food exports) go to Russia, 20%; the countries of the European Union, 17%; China, 7%; Turkey, 6%; and the U.S. 4%.In addition, food processing, especially sugar processing, is an important industrial segment.

Nearly one out of four workers in Ukraine is employed in agriculture or forestry related endeavors.It was quickly recognized by the international community. It has an area of 603,628 km2, making it the largest contiguous country on the European continent .

It has the richest reserves of iron-ore, oil and gas, nickel, manganese..,ETC that has successfully develop the industrial complex/branches as metallurgy, instrument-making, machine-building, air-cosmic, converting, chemical-pharmaceutical and many more branches. A lot of attention is given to foreign/international students who study Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, IT, Physical Education ..,ETC from many countries all over the world.

If you’ve ever visited Ukraine on holiday, you’ve probably experienced the majestic architecture of the many cathedrals and monasteries and the adventure-packed (though relatively modest in terms of height) mountain ranges – whether you went skiing, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing (and you definitely have to do at least one of those in Ukraine!).

Ukraine is also home to over 800 institutes of higher education and has a varied economy, concentrated mostly in and around big cities such as Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and Odessa. It also has significantly lower tuition fees than many countries, both in Europe and worldwide.

So whether you’re a history buff, nature lover or a future entrepreneur, opportunities to study in Ukraine with more than 400 000 students, 9000 of them are foreigners in various cities who study there. We will help you to become one of them! Could be just what you’re looking for.