• All rooms are well taken care of with constant electricity and water supply.
  • Everything you need will be provided to make sure you are comfortable and ready to learn at all times.
  • All procedures have been made easy to understand.
  • You will be opportune to make new friends as you meet new people in the hostel.
  • Staying in the hostel makes it easier for you to move around the school.

One of our biggest concerns is to give all our students the best learning atmosphere with maximum comfort to ensure that all students are relaxed and ready to learn.Therefore we recommend that new students stay in the hostel to  allow us to give them the best treatment we can,especially students who may not know their way around the city.

why stay in our hostels?

  • New students will not understand the communicative language
  • New students will not know the city bus routes outside the university campus
  • We help the student all the way long but if they live outside the university campus we can’t approach to them, so it is difficult to help them.
  • Hostel is the best place to meet new people, gain new experience and make new friends.

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