Planning Your Trip To Ukraine.

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Planning Your Trip To Ukraine.

How to Choose a Program

Ukraine is one of the most peaceful and stable among ex-USSR countries, and offers a high quality of life. Ukrainians are also widely known for their hospitality!

  • Language: Ukrainian students study in their native language, while foreign students have a choice of either English or the local language. English programs are highly available here.
  • Housing:  Programs in Ukraine provide three housing options, a home-stay, an apartment, or a residence hall. Home-stays with a Ukrainian family are often recommended because they offer a more complete “cultural immersion.” Before choosing to study abroad in Ukraine, a student should definitely have in mind what kind of housing they hope to have!

Student Visa

Students should contact the Ukrainian embassy in their own country in order to apply for a student visa. Study abroad students will need a valid form of identification, passport, medical records, and a copy of the Certificate of Completed Higher Secondary Education. US citizens who stay in Ukraine for less than six months on a private, tourist, or business visa do not need to register with local authorities.

Social life and Student Culture

Ukraine has an abundance of the great outdoors for students to explore. Beach fans will love the beautiful Crimea white-sand and blue Mediterranean waters. In the Carpathian mountains, hikers can find ways to entertain themselves for hours on end.

For a post-apocalyptic experience, students can visit the nuclear disaster area of Chernobyl. Tour companies drive groups into the plant, where they pass through deserted villages and an eerie overgrown landscape.

At night, study abroad students have the chance to check out the nightlife, with its exclusive clubs, latest rock bands, and underground jazz joints in all the towns. Kharkiv, a large university town, has Ukraine’s leading music scene.

The marketplaces are essential to students trying to learn more about the culture of Ukraine. The market is a great place to people watch, and has an abundance of sights, tastes, and smells. If you’re there on July 6th, join in the Midsummer’s Eve celebration when couples scour the woods for medicinal herbs and take midnight dips in lakes and streams.